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This is DogBoy Productions. We bring to you a broad range of multimedia.

We make webpages: figure out about the Signature Strings Quartet (Sorry, they are no longer together)

Also, learn about the Lang Family

We make web-comics: check out SB&RG

We also make animations to these comics: eh, poorly made, but still, check out the animations

Making programs is also getting to be fun. Here is a TicTacToe game done in PHP.
  (It has a computer player, but it is not smart.)


If you haven't already, please sign the guestbook we have. Due to abuse, the guestbook has been taken offline.

If you would like to post anything, there is a board. Anyone can post almost anything. We use it to show the updates that have been done.

Finally, if you want to know more about DogBoy Productions, and how you may contact the mastermind behind it, please go to the page about us.


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